Land of the Giants

Land of the Giants

Do you have a Goliath? Most of us are familiar with the story of David and Goliath from 1 Samuel, chapter 17. A brief synopsis – there is a giant bully and a ruddy little teenager knocks him out, dead.

What is your giant? What is that thing that seems impossible to knock down? That thing that keeps getting in your way, taunting you?

I’ve been thinking about this very thing yesterday and all this morning because right now I have a Goliath. I’m hanging out in the field feeding the sheep and I have a Goliath to knock down.

Timing is everything. 

The two armies were camped out on separate mountains with a valley between them. Twice a day for forty days, Goliath would come down to the valley and challenge the opposing army (Saul’s army) to a duel. The Word doesn’t say “duel” but I like the way that sounds.

At one point, David busts up in the middle of Saul’s army to check on his brothers so he can take word back to their dad, Jesse, on their well-being. While he’s there he overhears Goliath and his taunts and notices King Saul and all of his men are afraid of this giant.

David, again, a little ruddy adolescent, basically asks them all, “What the heck is wrong with all of you? Why are you afraid of this idiot who mocks the armies of the living God?”

David knew the situation. He knew His God. He didn’t question His God. He didn’t have to. He had already experienced the strength, might and wisdom of His God. He may have been a keeper of sheep prior, but in that task, God had delivered him from a bear and a lion and David gave God credit for it. He knew it wasn’t in his own power, but in God’s. 

He stood on the promise of his own testimony. He had already seen God’s hand move when he killed the bear and the lion. He knew who Goliath was, an uncircumcised Philistine who defied the armies of God. How could he lose? He couldn’t!

No where in the story does it tell of David running to his prayer room and throwing himself at the feet of God and asking what he should do or what his next step should be or crying out, “Please, God, please! Speak to me! Give me direction and wisdom!”

He immediately steps up when he hears the threats of the giant because he knows who he is in the eyes of God. 

He knows from past experience what God is capable of and he does not doubt, he doesn’t even flinch.

The giant laughs at him. His own brothers, angered with him. King Saul, doubted him.

But God.

For forty days a king and an entire army hid from this giant but it took only a moment for David to step up and say, I’ll take him down because God has my back.

Timing is everything. The fear had been built up. The anticipation was at a peak. The confidence of the threatening army was more than abundant. The giant stood tall…

…then David stepped into the valley…

Are you hiding on a mountain or are you going to step down into the valley? Exposed. Vulnerable. Laughed at. Mocked. Doubted. But with God at your back?

How can you lose when God has your back? You can’t.

I have a giant. I’ve realized the last couple of weeks, I always have a giant. I always have a battle to win. When one is knocked down, the next steps up. God is always there and the battle is always won.

I’ve battled self-doubt. I’ve battled mockery from others. I’ve battled doubt from others. I’ve battled not having the resources to accomplish the task at hand. I’ve battled loneliness. I’ve battled depression. I’ve battled illness. I’ve battled abuse. I’ve battled self-harm. I’ve battled suicide. I’ve battled the giant over and over again. Each time I’ve won because God had my back.

Each battle is a story. Each battle is a testimony. Each battle is something I can use to encourage others.

The one giant that just won’t die, are the questions I get about being a woman, a female, and justifying the preaching of the Word. So many of those idiot giants are still roaming the Earth. So many women hide on the mountain because the idiot giant stands in the valley, the uncircumcised giant who defies the living God, and questions their ability.


There are those who will question you because they only like to argue. Give them not a moment of your time. Jesus didn’t argue with people. He preached and He walked and those that wanted to listen followed. He didn’t stop to argue or convince.

If you struggle with the question of being a woman and preaching the Word, I encourage you to read a book by Kenneth E. Hagin called The Woman Question. It was a book my pastor instructed me to read a few years back when I had some doubts creep up. It is my answer to all those who question my ability. If you, being one who thinks the Word says woman can’t preach, truly want understanding, read the book. If not, then you are the uncircumcised Philistine who defies the living God and we all know the outcome of that story.

Get blessed.




4 thoughts on “Land of the Giants

  1. What an encouraging and empowering message! Thank you for reminding all women that their giants will be defeated by the Hand of God- We can always trust in HIM to win the battle! I’m so glad you have been blessed with winning those battles and you and any other woman can be called to preach the gospel at any time! We are precious in His sight and surely He wants to use us to build His kingdom!

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    1. Amen sister! My husband fully supports my endeavors and we minister together. That book by Hagin is a true blessing for anyone doubting their authority in Christ as a woman helping to spread the gospel.


  2. I think we all have giants in our lives. Mine is public opinion. I don’t like to know what people think of me. And sometimes it keeps me from stepping out in faith when God tells me too. Or at least it used to. Not so much lately. God’s teaching me to be bold in that arena. I’m stepping out and making things happen through His strength and with His instruction.

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    1. Amen. I think we all struggle with that particular giant in some shape or form. God addresses it numerous times with His Word so He knew we would need encouragement in that area 🙂 Thanks for the read! Blessings!

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