WRITE IT DOWN 03.15.17

WRITE IT DOWN 03.15.17

My dream and what I am working towards is to eventually work from home full-time as an author/blogger/fulfilling ministry goals. I’ve been praying and talking to God a lot about this. I know I’ve been that annoying kid in God’s back seat screaming, “Are we there yet?” and He has been patient, giving me the look in the rear-view mirror as He white knuckles the steering wheel.


This morning I was thanking Him for it. You know, believe in something and act like you already have it? So I’m acting like I already have it. I’m thanking God for it because I know that time is coming. I’m picturing it in my head. I’m taking steps towards the goal. I’m imagining every morning what it is going to be like to wake up and work from home. I’m visualizing my day.


Today as I was doing this, I heard a little voice say, “Write down what your typical day working from home looks like.” Huh? Interesting. I began picturing a daily schedule in my head of what that looked like. I kept hearing that voice every 30 minutes or so say the same thing, “Write down what your typical day working from home looks like.”


Finally, I started to create a schedule. I began filling in time slots starting at 6am. When my husband reads this, he’s going to laugh at the fact that I said 6am. I struggle to pour myself off the mattress at 6:30 right now. He’s already started breakfast by then and I come staggering in half asleep to pick up in the middle of it.


As I began typing this out I realized I had to make some adjustments. I’ve had these thoughts about working from home and all the time I would have to read my Bible and pray because I find myself too often justifying to myself that I don’t have as much time as I would like for those kind of things.


So I typed it out and stared at it:


Then I heard a voice say, “Now type up what your typical day currently looks like.” Hmm. Okay. So I started typing that up and it looks like this:


I started looking at both of these and although I don’t like where I’m currently at because I feel like I have to cram so much into my day and still do not feel accomplished, I didn’t like what I thought my day should look like once I had it on paper either.


Time to make adjustments. I realized I haven’t prayed about what my day should look like to be the most effective I can be. I haven’t sought God in that matter. To seek God. The word seek according to Merriam-Webster means:


  1. to resort to: go to
  2. to go in search of: look for
  3. to try to discover
  4. to try to acquire or gain: aim at
  5. to make an attempt: try


So I asked God, “What should my day look like”. He said I had a good start and I heard that still, small voice say, “What things on your list could you start implementing now?” In other words, try now.


Well, the first thing I could do is get my butt out of bed at 6am, if we are being honest about it. As long as we are being honest, I glean as much sleep time as I can right now because I don’t feel motivated to get out of bed. I don’t feel motivated to get up and work a day job but I do it anyways because the bills won’t pay themselves!


I’ve been like a little kid stomping their foot because they don’t have things their way. I want to write all day long. In order to do that, I have to start acting like I am. That begins with getting out of bed at 6am instead of 6:30 and starting my day off the way I see it starting when I am able to write full-time.


Sometimes truth hurts.


Next, I can rearrange some time outside of my regular working hours to fit in the things that I want to do.


There is actually a lot more I could be doing now.


God knows this. God is showing me this. God is letting me know to be faithful in what I have now so He can bless me going forward. Wow. He tells us, shows us and instructs us. All we have to do, is do it. Sometimes being a human is hard work.


I still have some praying and rearranging to do but tomorrow morning is a new day and a fresh opportunity to try. The best is yet to come. Great days are ahead. I already have the victory. With God on my side, who can come against me? Just myself. Getting myself out of the way.


Proverbs 3:6 (KJV)

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths

9 thoughts on “WRITE IT DOWN 03.15.17

  1. Oh, my goodness you had me at write ! lol. I actually have people do this type of exercise when I coach – I love the way you broke it down..your schedule sounds like mine…especially with the animals. In 2011 I was injured and ended up suddenly unable to work in my physical job for a season…That is when I started my blog. God is still showing me He wants to be the Master Planner of my day! I loved this post, and have shared it- be encouraged, and I pray God continues to guide you into the fullness of HIs purpose and plans for you according to the riches and glory found in our Jesus!

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    1. He makes things so easy if we listen. I’ve had to tune my hearing lately and make those adjustments. He is easier to understand when I do, haha. Thanks for the read! Going to follow you now!


  2. Misty, Good for you in obeying God by writing things down and then asking HIM what your day should look like.
    I am a list maker. A chore list. A writing list. A grocery list. My prayer journal even has lists and goals. When I get my ideas to begin a list, I pray for guidance. I write it down and pray again asking God to help me do what’s most important to Him that day. The things that don’t get done, get put on tomorrow’s list. It used to drive me crazy. I’m a work in progress.
    I have the privilege of working from home. If I don’t have structure, I’d spend the day in my pajamas—seriously! Having a schedule and a routine help tremendously. I must treat writing as my job. It is my job even though I make my own hours unless I have an actual deadline for an article etc.

    Keep on keepin’ on!


    1. Yes! Notice I put shower and get dressed even if I work from home. I know myself too well…if I stay in the pajamas it will be Netflix binging for the day, haha. Thank you for the read!


  3. Wow can I relate to this! Years ago I prayed that God would rescue me from my full-time job so I could stay at home with our daughter and write. Let me tell you, He worked it all out two years later. It was and still is very difficult in different ways (financial being one big one…although God steps in in His perfect timing EVERY time and helps us out). But I’m excited for you!!! It sounds like God is definitely preparing you and what wonderful dreams you have that I’m sure will bring Him glory! Hold on! God is going to take you on a wonderful journey!! I’m praying for you too 🙂


    1. Amen! Have you ever seen someone take a piece of paper, cradle it into a rubber band, pull back and take aim, then release? I feel like that piece of paper right now, haha. God is doing great things and it’s all for His honor and glory and am humbled that I get to be part of it. Praying you have financial increase in your home beyond what you have ever imagined! Thank you for your prayers!

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      1. I get that!! (The paper thing.) I’m seriously just so excited for you! One day you’ll look back in awe at all that God has done through this, and definitely bringing Him honor and glory. Thank YOU for your prayers too. God bless you!!!

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