I don’t know but God does.

I don’t know but God does.

I am so excited about what God is doing in my life. The last few months have stretched my faith, grown my faith and brought me out of a comfort zone. A comfort zone is okay, but only for so long. A comfort zone allows us time to rest, a time to learn, and a time to reflect. It is not a time to be lazy.


I have watched for the last seven years how God has been preparing me and my husband for what He has next for us. Seven years! If you knew how impatient of a person I am, you would know that seven years feels like an eternity to me.


God knows me though and gave me just enough in my impatience, to let me know that He has it all under control and has all along.


I thought about all that has taken place over the last seven years and it’s amazing:


  • My dad passed in December of 2009 (the catalyst)
  • I graduated college with a B.S. in Interior Design at the age of 31 (May 2010)
  • My husband and I came out from under a spiritually abusive “church” (4.5 years ago)
  • My husband and I found a church that teaches Truth and the Word and have flourished because of it. They represent what the Church should look like and we are thankful to God each day for a good church home.
  • God advanced my career in design almost four years ago providing greater increase financially
  • God advanced my husband’s career with financial increase due to His favor
  • Through our church home I was able to obtain my Associates in Theology through In Christ International Bible College (May 2015)
  • My husband graduated with his B.S. in Geology (December 2015)
  • My husband was considered “in remission” of sarcoidosis by his doctor as of May-“ish” 2015. You would think we would know the exact date but we already knew he was healed when he was diagnosed in 2008. We just had to wait for his body and the doctors to catch up 😉
  • I have published the first two, of many, Bible study workbooks. The third will be up soon!
  • I have finished my manuscript for my first book. Editing in process.
  • I have started a 365 devotional and already have plans for a second. All God-given topics and direction.
  • My husband was healed of herniated discs without surgery.


These are just things I can think of off the top of my head at the moment. There is so much more God has done in our lives. So much He has in store for us. Now, through all of that there have been trials. There has been trouble. There has been doubt and fear and uncertainty. It was in those times we sought Him out. We countered the negativity with His Word, His promises, His Truth.


There are times over the last seven years we have known the difficulties we were going through were times we needed to pay attention. God used those times to train us, to teach us, to grow our faith.


He showed us how to stand strong in His Word, how to let Him be our strength, how His promises are His promises and He is a God that cannot lie.


Even in times of silence He showed us He did not leave us. He did not forget us. He was always watching over us. In His silence we learned to watch. We learned to trust. We learned who He is. We learned how magnificent He is. There are no words to describe Him and do Him justice. He simply is the great I Am.


This coming Friday is my last day at my current job. I was just informed last Thursday of the specific date. I knew it was coming, God prepared me for it. My boss is in the position to retire early and the business is closing. God has put things in place according to His timing and His plan. I do not know what my next position is. He has not directed me where to apply or look. But I trust Him. I can say that because I know the God I serve. My last position ended due to the economy and lack of business coming in. When it ended, I had a new position in less than 24 hours. It would have been in less than 6 hours but I didn’t have a cell phone number for the person I knew to call. I had to wait until the next morning to call their office. I was hired on the spot and here I am almost four years later, knowing God will provide again.


If God did it then, He can do it again. His Word tells us not to fear or worry and I can honestly say I haven’t. God knows the desires my husband and I have in our hearts because they are God-given dreams. I believe this next season will be us stepping into those roles.


I knew the day I was hired into this company that it was for a season, that God had a plan for me. I wasn’t sure what that reason was but I trusted Him.


I have asked every day for the last four years as I looked at the front door, “God, is today the day?”


Each day when I asked, He would respond, “Not today.”


A month or so ago my coworker came to me and said “Misty, I need you to pray.”


She went on to tell me about her six-year-old grandson and how his doctor had found a lump that was growing and they had been monitoring it for the last three months. They had ruled everything else out so now they were going to send him for a biopsy. They were going to check for cancer is what they meant.


I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, “This is why you are here.”


I told her I would pray but I also was able to show her in the Word of God how He says we ARE healed. I taught her how we can speak the Word of God and it must come to pass. I instructed her on how to speak it out, don’t call him sick but call him healed. I told her to have him say it as well. He had to say he was healed. He had to speak the words no matter what the physical looked like and no matter what the doctors said. They had to believe and have faith the size of a tiny little mustard seed.


Last Thursday morning she came in from lunch and stopped at my desk, stared at me and said, “I’m only going to say this. My grandson went to the doctor. They couldn’t find anything.”


I said, “Praise God!”


Then I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, “Now you are free to go.”


We’ve talked some more about it since then and she told me how her grandson told the doctors that his grandma said he was healed and he believed he was healed so it didn’t matter what they said, he was healed and he wasn’t sick. She said over the weekend her grandson looked at her and said, “Grandma, you told me I was healed and I knew I was healed but I think there was someone/something else out there.”


Jesus gives life and life more abundantly!


His regular doctor felt a lump. He felt the lump grow for three months. He was sent to another doctor for the biopsy and that doctor couldn’t find anything. That doctor called a second doctor in and the second doctor couldn’t find anything! They didn’t do the biopsy because there was nothing to do a biopsy on!


Some will say those two doctors don’t know what they are doing  and they should keep looking and some will say evidently the first doctor didn’t know what he was doing. It doesn’t matter what they say, what matters is what the Word says and the words that come out of our mouth. Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Those doctors may have very well known what they are doing, I have no doubt, but God knows what He is doing.


I don’t share this to boast. I am humbled by God’s great power. I did nothing in the matter but be obedient to God and His instruction. I could have left a year ago. I could have left two years ago. I didn’t have to take this job at all. I could have left last November or this past January. I chose to listen to God though. I stayed in this position for four years, I was obedient to Him for four years, and the fruit of my obedience is life renewed in a six-year-old child because of HIS Word, not mine. I only taught what is already written.


How many times do we let our emotions control us and miss out on the things of God? Not only could we be missing out on things for ourselves but we may be preventing someone else from receiving from Him. The four years I have been here are all worth it to me because that little boy was healed. That little boy, for the rest of his life, knows that when trouble comes, he can speak against it and stand on God’s Word.


That doesn’t mean I have been perfect in my walk these last four years either. There are days I have failed miserably and went home with tears in my eyes. There are days I repented for my words and actions knowing the next day was a new opportunity to try again and learn from my mistakes.


I am so thankful to the people in my life who sacrificed and who stood on God’s Word. They have taught me invaluable lessons, their testimonies have grown my faith, and they have blessed me beyond my biggest dreams.


Don’t beat yourself up over the times you haven’t followed His direction. Repent, move on. He forgives and remembers our sins no more. Today is a new day and a new opportunity. Today you have the choice to stop, be still, and listen for the Holy Spirit. You have the opportunity to ask Him what He would have you do and walk in it.


He will answer. He will show you. He will not leave you. He will not forsake you. He’s in everything we do if we only let Him in.


He is faithful. He is I Am.



Hebrews 10:23 (KJV)

Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;)


Proverbs 18:21 (KJV)

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.



8 thoughts on “I don’t know but God does.

  1. He is not only The I AM…HE IS, FAITH…HE is, the ALL! He is, the ANSWER! Praise God! You are on an amazing journey Misty and I know you, know that! There’s a long road to travel…but it’s shorter than ya think…Live it, pursue it…and never ever give up!! You are going to be astounded when you are old!! When you look at the life behind you and see the joy that awaits you!! One moment, one day at a time!

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    1. If I shared two dreams/visions God gave me a long time ago, you would see how your comment is confirmation of what He showed me. He really is in all the little details if we pay attention. He amazes me every day. 🙂 Love you my healed friend ❤️


  2. Misty, this post brought tears to my eyes. God is so GOOD! Praise You Jesus for the healing of Misty’s co-worker’s grandson. Praise You for showing the power of prayer. Praise You for being our faithful, loving God!
    Misty, you are a woman of faith and I’m so blessed to know you through your writing. I’m praying with confidence for our God to provide the right job at the right time. I know He’ll provide until then as well.
    Your testimony and spirit shine like a city on a hill!
    Blessings to you and yours,

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    1. Amen Beckie! I haven’t been able to stop thanking God for his healing and I’ve cried and cried in joy over it. My face hurts this morning because I haven’t been able to stop smiling about the things God is doing! I have 100% trust and faith in Him and am already excited about what He has next for me and I don’t even know what it is! Haha!

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  3. Misty Moon dear friend….I am so blessed to read this, and crying also, as I can identify with some of the things you have shared..and I praise God that in Jesus, it is a process, He takes us from strength to strength and glory to glory, amen..

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