The third workbook in the series is now available through Amazon and you can order it here.


This one is on Ephesians and titled Growing in Christ.

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These workbooks are designed to allow the user to spend 5 to 15 minutes a day in the Word and get their mind meditating on the Word.

These came about when I decided to get serious about my writing and praying for direction and clarity one day. I was in the middle of researching traditional publishing vs. self-publishing. At the time, I was only working on the creative non-fiction book that is in the editing stages right now.

During my research, two thoughts collided:

  1. I wish I knew the self-publishing process and how hard/easy it would be to do it myself.
  2. I wish there was a Bible study that was a simple Bible study. Something that gave me a few verses at a time and got me through an entire book of the Bible in a           decent amount of time.

As a writer, these two thoughts go together. My mind is all over the place when I am researching and I happened to have my Bible staring at me on the table this particular day knowing I had not set aside any time to read in it.

I froze.

What? Lord, was that you who just said that to me? Are you telling me to write a workbook and publish it?


Lord, am I qualified?

To which He answered with, “Misty, Am I qualified?”

I got His point.

I didn’t question it any further. I dropped everything I was working on and started on it immediately. I didn’t really sleep for the next three or four days and when it was done, I was amazed at what God had designed through my hands.

The upcoming weekend, I didn’t really sleep again because I spent three or four days straight going through the self-publishing process on CreateSpace, setting up my accounts and learning all I could. Then, it was there. My name on Amazon. God choreographed it all the way through. I know this because the process was so simple and flowed. I will admit, it was a little intimidating at first. My lifelong dream became real and it happened so quickly I didn’t have time to think about it.

I ordered my proof copy and there it was in my hands, my first book. Then, people started buying the workbooks! People I didn’t know bought them! I only know this because someone in Europe purchased a copy. I only see stats, I don’t see who specifically purchases them.

It made the creative non-fiction piece seem not so daunting anymore, at least in regards to the publishing process.

I am still on the fence about self-publish or traditional with that one, but the time is coming to make a decision.

I asked God about the workbooks. He instructed me there would be a series of them. More than one. So far there are three. I asked that He not give me the next topic until I complete the current one and He has been faithful to do so. This keeps me focused.

The next one will be on 1 Corinthians. I can only deduce the one after that will be 2 Corinthians but I’ll be sure to check with Him first.

What I love most about these workbooks, they are designed so anyone can sit down and do a Bible study with them and learn. They can be for the un-born-again person who is curious and wants to learn about the Word, the newborn Christian who is just starting out and doesn’t know how to study the Bible to the most seasoned Christian who wants to revisit the Word in certain areas.

God’s good and knows what He is doing. He was right, He was qualified.

The workbooks are strictly that, a workbook. The verses are not printed out. You have to get your Bible out and read in it. There is a purpose behind this. I asked God if I should include the scripture word for word and he said NO.

You have to make the effort to get your Bible and turn to the pages and read it with your own eyes. Think of it like this, you are sitting with a friend and they are on their phone texting the entire time. Not much of a connection between you and your friend. If that friend puts the phone down and makes eye contact and engages in the conversation with you, it’s more meaningful. This is why you have to get your own Bible out.

To give you an idea of how the workbooks are designed, here is a sample page. You have room to write and take notes which was another important factor in what I was looking for in a Bible study workbook.



Each day only covers two to four verses and the entire study is a six-week study. There is one day of rest for each week. Each day has a Further Study section for those over achievers like me. Each book is designed the same.

The Ephesians workbook has a couple extra pages with some great info and teachings that I have received over the last 4 years. You’ll have to buy it to see what that is though, haha.

Get blessed!

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