About 13 years ago I had a vision while I was praying one day. I’ve talked briefly about this before and those who knew me then may remember this as well.

I was praying about a lot of things, just a conversation with God. And then the Holy Spirit hit me like a gut punch and I’ll explain the best I can as to what I saw.

I saw the earth and there were winds of light , as if a fanned paint brush had been used to paint whisps of golden air across the globe. They weren’t nation specific, it was everywhere. I actually painted this at one point in time and there are those who can testify to it.

When I saw this, I doubled over and the following words came out of me:

“Sweep the nation. Put the holiness back into Holy.”

I cried. I shook. His presence was overwhelming in the moment.

After it was over I asked God what that meant and I spent a lot of time meditating on what happened. For the longest time I thought it was a personal instruction and I wasn’t sure how to accomplish it so I would just pray about it and seek God. Eventually I realized those words were spoken as to what He was going to do, not something I was supposed to do, so to speak. So I have prayed all these years in agreement and have repeated those words in my prayers. I’ve stood in faith that I would see it come to pass, not even being sure exactly what that would look like.

Over the years I’ve seen the phrase “Sweep the nation” in various articles, heard in sermons, etc, and it hits me all over again.

This morning (02.14.2023) it happened again except this time I heard , “I’m about to sweep the nation. I’m putting the holiness back into Holy.”

Do with this what you will. I’ll continue to stand in agreement with what I heard Him speak to me.


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